1. Prior to booking
    First, you need to decide of the ceremony type (civil or religious ceremony). Next, you should consider the whole day, wedding ceremony and reception according to your own budget and taste.
  2. Book your wedding date
    Regardless of your chosen type of ceremony or wedding venue, the wedding procedure (booking, application, celebration) is done through the Civil Marriage Office of the Municipality of Pafos. We will do this for you.
  3. Obtain the required legal documents
    A few months prior to your wedding you need to concentrate on the required paperwork and ensure that you possess all the legal documents prior to your arrival in Cyprus. Failure to have the correct legal paperwork might result in nullification of wedding. We are always at your disposal to ensure that the documents you possess are absolutely legal and valid. All the legalities are explained in the Legal Requirements section which we advise you to read carefully.
  4. Application procedure
    You present yourself at the Civil Marriage Office of the Municipality of Pafos at least one business day prior to your wedding, with all the required legal documents and fill in the application form. Application hours are Monday to Friday from 8.30 a.m. to 10.30 a.m. (local time). No prior appointment is required for the application procedure. Please note that the physical presence of the couple is absolutely mandatory during the application procedure. The fee to have your wedding here at the Kefalos is 632 euros payable to the Municipality of Pafos.
  5. Celebration of wedding
    The wedding is celebrated by the Marriage Officer on your chosen wedding venue and the Certificate of Marriage is given directly to the couple after the completion of the ceremony. One or more certified copies of the Certificate of Marriage can be provided at the prescribed fee of €13,67 for each. A certified copy is forwarded to the Embassy or Consulate in Cyprus of the respected home country/ies of the couple.

Legal requirements

The couple has an option of two types of ceremonies, civil, church or both. They are both perfectly legal and recognized worldwide. The same paperwork is required for either ceremony venue. The required original documents the couple needs to possess the following during the application procedure are the following:

and/or the following original documents (if applicable)

For a list of the required legalities for Cypriot, British, Irish, Scottish, Russian and Israeli nationals or other nationalities, you can contact the Civil Marriage Office at

Religious Ceremony

In case the couple wishes to have a religious marriage, the same legal requirements and procedure applies as in the civil wedding. However, in addition, during the application procedure, the couple is given a “Certificate of notice and fixing date and place of the celebration of marriage”, thus allowing them to have a religious ceremony at a church within the municipal boarders, for the Kefalos at St Savvas chapel or you can have an Anglican  beach religious wedding at the Eros Beach Marquee. Feel free to contact us or:

For an Anglican Wedding contact Mrs Trudie Murphy at:
Mob. + 357 99212627
Fax. + 357 26952486

For a Catholic Wedding contact Mrs Suzie Allen at:
Mob. +357 99613715
Fax + 35726931640